VIANOVA Technologies' Server Solutions


The VIANOVA Technologies vehicle server is an on-board computer particularly developed for mobile applications. It is the hardware platform for the VIANOVA Technologies software products including passenger information, entertainment, video surveillance and passenger counting. The system performance is sufficient to run all applications at the same time with plenty of reserve.

The use of open standards, such as PCI and USB, enables the system's functionality to be easily expanded. The enclosure itself can even be adapted to suit the requirements of different types of vehicle making integration into new vehicles and retrofitting an existing fleet a real possibility.

The system is nearly maintenance-free because of the fan less operation and it is designed with state of the art technology. Nevertheless the operating temperature range corresponds with the hard requirements in vehicles. The system is also certified according to all important specifications for public transportation vehicles, e.g. shock and vibration, power supply, fire protection requirements and federal transportation administration permission.

Possible errors in the system are recognized almost in real time by the self-monitoring of numerous operating parameters and service staff can be notified automatically. Spare part planning will thus be optimized and down times minimized.

The performance of the on board computer is extremely high, providing passenger information and entertainment functions at the same time. In the background the server can still be used as a data recorder with live view function for a fully digital video surveillance and a passenger counting system.

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